Look At This Job

Desktop design/development

Look At This Job is a London based startup in the recruitment sector who’re trying to change the way companies find new talent through the process of crowdsourcing. Their aim is to allow companies to avoid recruitment firms and find high-quality candidates faster at a fraction of the cost.

The client came to me with a brief and basic branding work, looking for me to work alongside them to produce a fully functional MVP. Due to their extensive experience with WordPress and very tight timeframes, they were keen to take an existing job board theme/plugin and adapt it to suit their needs.

I worked with the client from the early IA stage, all the way through the design and finally to the finished product. Due to the nature of the project, we were limited in both time and also flexibility due to the use of the existing theme. Despite these challenges, the final site is now launched and the company are in the process of testing variations on their business model to find the solution that works best for both the jobseeker and employer.

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