Frankie & Benny’s

Visual design & UI development

Frankie & Benny’s is a chain of Italian-American restaurants primarily based in the UK. They are themed around 1950s american diners and have over 200 locations across the country.

With the help of one other designer, I was tasked with completely redesigning their website and assisting in the development of an entirely new, responsive drupal theme that would work with their extensive existing content. From a design point of view, it was an interesting project as there was a balance to be found between maintaining the chain’s strong, traditional branding and creating a site that felt modern and functional. Throughout the project I worked on designing the core UI kit to standardise the design process and then on the visual designs themselves, predominantly for a desktop viewport.

During the development stages, I worked alongside a team of 4 developers and created the UI elements for the site, as well as assisting in the core front-end work, focussing on the UI and more subtle, user-experieance related aspects of the site (animations, link states etc.). The site is now live and going through a number of iterations to improve the user experience.

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